2015 Hustler Turf Equipment 7700 Fairway

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Hustler Turf Equipment
7700 Fairway



At Hustler we try to keep things simple. So if it doesn't help mow grass, it's not on this machine. The result is a lightweight fairway mower with minimum electronics and fewer problems. The Hustler 7000 series is not only easy to maintain and operate, it delivers a superior quality of cut for a beautiful finish. These mowers also feature full-time and auto four-wheel drive with a tilt and telescoping steering wheel for added operator comfort. Maintaining your beautiful golf course and your equipment has never been so simple.

  • Easy to Maintain: Simple service access and minimal electronics mean less time in the shop and more time on the fairway.
  • Overall Simplicity: Reliable hydrostat over gear axle driveline offers low hydraulic temperatures and eliminate over 100 leak points compared to 4WD hydrostatic unit with hydraulic wheel motors.
  • Easy to Adjust Cutting Units: Simple bedknife to reel adjustment with spring loaded two point adjustment. Semi-fixed rear roller to achieve optimum bedknife angle of attach for all heights of cut.
  • 36hp Shibaura Diesel: Simple reliable 3-cylinder liquid cooled diesel proven in Shibaura built New Holland tractors for 20+ years.
  • Fuel Savings: Save fuel over all hydrostatic drive fairway mowers.The use of a hydrostat driving a gear axle keeps oil temps to a minimum which eliminates the need for an oil cooler and puts more engine HP to work thereby saving fuel.
  • Interchangeable Cutting Units on 7700: All 5 cutting units can be driven from either end making it possible to move units around to distribute wear from fairway cleanup passes, etc. Commonality of parts between all 5 cutting units for easy parts stocking and repair.
Traction Unit
  • Weight (Dry):  1340 Kg/ 2954 lbs.
  • Weight (Wet):  1424 Kg/ 3139 lbs.
  • Width (Max): 114 in/ 2900 mm
  • Transport Width: 88 in/ 2240 mm
  • Length: 106 in/ 2700 mm
  • Height: 77 in/1750 mm
  • Grade Ability: 20°
  • Mowing Speed: 6.2 mph/ 10 kmh (Low)
  • Transport Speed: 10.6 mph/ 17.1 kmh (High)
  • Reverse Speed: 7.4 mph/ 11.9 kmh (High); 4.4 mph/ 7 kmh (low)
  • Front Tire: 24 x 13.00 - 12; (front tread) 68 in/1730 mm; (outside width) 83.5 in/2122 mm
  • Rear Tire: 20 x 10.00 - 10; (Rear tread) 68 in/1730 mm
  • Wheelbase: 9.5 in/1510 mm
  • Steering: Hydrostatic power
  • Fuel Capacity: 19 gal/ 71.91 L
  • Hydraulic Cap.: 10 gal/38 L Reel Drive; 8.5 gal/32 L Hydrostatic/gearaxle & lift
  • Traction Drive: HST+2-Speed Transmission
  • Transmission: High/Low Auto 4WD
  • Steering Wheel: Tilt/Telescope
Cutting Units
  • Number: 5
  • Reel Diameter: 7 in/178 mm
  • Width (unit): 22 in/558 mm
  • Reel Rotation Speed: 1400 rpm
  • Blades (number): 11, 9, 7
  • Clip Frequency: 11 blade – .068 in/mph (1.08 mm/kmh); 9 blade – .084 in/mph (1.33 mm/kmh); 7 blade – .108 in/mph (1.71 mm/kmh)
  • Cut Width (total): 100 in/2500 mm
  • Height of Cut: .28”-1.26” (7mm-32 mm)
  • Discharge: front or rear adjust



Engine Manufacturer
Horse Power
36 hp
Engine Type


HST+2-Speed Transmission
Wheel Size
Front: 24 x 13.00 - 12; Rear: 20 x 10.00 - 10
Fuel Capacity
19 gal. (71.91 L)


Deck Size
Cutting Width (total): 100 in. (2500 mm)
Discharge Type
Front or Rear adjust


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